This year's Parity Talks will focus on taking action. After asking what it takes to keep a conversation, a building, an institution in good condition, and reflecting on what we can learn from what’s already happening in the cracks of it, we now start gathering ideas to implement change.

This year's Parity Talks, taking place on March 8th 2023, will focus on taking action. How do we mobilize the grassroot collectivities and intelligences already present (in a conversation, in a building, in an institution) to do what needs to be done and act upon what’s still missing?

With the Open Call for the Parity Talks VIII we ask you as the community of the ETH to share your ideas and wishes for WORKSHOPS and ACTIONS. Tell us what needs to be done -- share your ideas of what TIME TO ACT means for you, and us as the community of ETH.

We invite you to us ( your ideas until January 13th 2023!